The last Finnish markka


Finnish banknotes 1945–2002

This seasonal exhibition presented Finnish banknotes from 1945 until the euro cash changeover in 2002. The redemption of these banknotes ends on 29 February 2012, ten years after the changeover.

Only a piece of paper

A banknote is only a piece of paper with no inherent value. The value of a banknote is based on trust in the issuer. This trust depends on the ability of the banknote to fulfil its role as a payment instrument and keeper of value.
The Bank of Finland is the sole issuer of banknotes in Finland and during the timeline covered by the exhibition the Bank also decided on the face values, paper, design and production methods of banknotes. The final decision on the banknotes was made by the Parliamentary Supervisory Council on the proposal by the Bank’s Board.

The exhibition ran from 27 January to 31 December 2012.

Erik Bruunin luonnos 100 markan seteliksi vuodelta 1982

Erik Bruun's sketch for a 100-markka banknote in 1982.