Financial Literacy Centre

The Bank of Finland and the Bank of Finland Museum actively seek to expand the general public’s financial and economic knowledge and therefore to promote financial literacy in Finland.

The Financial Literacy Centre will begin operating in the Bank of Finland Museum in January 2022. The Museum is tasked with promoting the general public’s knowledge on the economy, the central bank and the wider Eurosystem by presenting clear and understandable information on these. The work of the Financial Literacy Centre at the Museum is to promote financial literacy among the general public and to support the future national strategy on financial literacy, which will be led by the Ministry of Justice.

The Bank of Finland Museum will continue to operate as a museum, but the opening of the Financial Literacy Centre will mean that in future the Museum’s exhibitions, tour information and events will feature more content relating to the promotion of financial literacy.

Financial Literacy Centre arose out of the financial literacy project

A proposal for a national strategy to promote financial literacy in Finland  (see financial literacy project) was prepared by the Bank of Finland and submitted to the Ministry of Justice in January 2021. The Ministry of Justice is to begin measures to implement the strategy at the start of 2022. The Bank of Finland aims to continue as a key player in the implementation of the national financial literacy strategy. An essential element of this work is the Financial Literacy Centre being set up within the Bank of Finland Museum.

Financial Literacy Centre’s role at the Bank of Finland Museum

The goal of the Financial Literacy Centre is the same at that of the national financial literacy strategy: Finland will have the world’s best financial literacy by 2030.

  • The Bank of Finland Museum’s tours and events will expand the participants’ knowledge about money matters and the economy. Most events will also be available for viewing online.
  • The financial literacy material forming part of the Museum’s exhibitions will be instantly recognisable, as it will display a visual character named ‘Ruu’, who explores all corners of the Financial Literacy Centre. Take a look for yourself!
  • The start of 2022 will also see the launch of group activities for upper secondary school students concerning practical aspects of financial literacy.
  • The Bank of Finland Museum will serve as a forum for furthering people’s financial and economic knowledge. When holding educational and public events we will also share the latest information and research results from other organisations involved in promoting financial literacy. Such information will also be shared on our various communication channels.

Educational events and network

The Bank of Finland and the Bank of Finland Museum are participants in the ‘Talous tutuksi’ series of talks and seminars on financial and economic matters aimed at school teachers. The Bank of Finland Museum held virtual seminars under this programme in September 2021. These ‘Talous tutuksi’ educational events are held each year and are organised by Finance Finlandthe Bank of Finlandthe Finnish Foundation for Share PromotionTATthe Association for Teachers of History and Social Studies in Finland and the Finnish National Agency for Education.

  • The Bank of Finland publishes a quarterly newsletter for economics teachers. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.
  • We also publish a quarterly newsletter aimed at the network of participants promoting financial literacy. 
  • In addition, the Bank of Finland website has a separate section dedicated to the promotion of financial literacy by providing basic information on financial and economic matters: Learn economy.
  • The Bank of Finland and the Financial Supervisory Authorityare members of the Ministry of Justice’s Advisory Board on Personal Financial Management.

The opening of the Financial Literacy Centre will be held online on 27 January 2022.