Where does money come from? When was the Bank of Finland founded? What is inflation and how does it affect all of our lives? How does a central bank work, and how about monetary policy? What is my place in the national economy? How do I recognise a genuine euro banknote? You can find the answers to these and many other questions at the Bank of Finland Museum!

The museum’s exhibition is structured around four themes: history of money and banking, monetary policy, financial literacy and banknote art.

In the history section, we present turning points in Finnish history from an economic perspective: how the Bank of Finland evolved from a bank issuing roubles and kopecks to become a full member of the Eurosystem.

In the monetary policy section, we cover the operation of the Eurosystem as well as monetary policy goals and decision-making. We also present how the Bank of Finland and the Financial Supervisory Authority attend to the stability of the financial system and how cash money comes into circulation.

Financial literacy is needed in all aspects of money management, from everyday shopping to saving, investment and purchase decisions. Financial literacy consists of knowledge and understanding, skills and actions, and attitudes. At the Bank of Finland Museum, we provide information that will increase your understanding of how the economy works. Knowledge and skills are needed in decisions about your own finances. Attitudes are shaped by your personal interest in the economy and its functioning: everyone should at least know the basic principles of economic activity.

In the banknote art section, we present banknotes issued by the Bank of Finland over a period of more than 200 years. We display Finnish banknotes and coins according to the styles they represent. Did you know that Neo-Rococo, Neo-Renaissance, National Romanticism, Neo-Classicism and Modernism can be seen in our banknotes?

The museum’s cafe and souvenir shop provide a peaceful place to rest during a museum tour.

Admission to the Bank of Finland Museum is free of charge. We organise guided tours for groups on request. Further information can be found on the Book a visit page. The museum is fully accessible and exhibition contents are in Finnish, Swedish and English.

In the spring and autumn, the Bank of Finland Museum organises public events open to everyone on financial topics of current interest. For further information about future and past public events, see our events calendar.

The Museum has housed 21 seasonal exhibitions since its inauguration in 2003.