How will Finland make a living in 2067?


What will Finland be like in 2067? How will it earn a living? What will be valuable? What will Finnishness mean after 50 years? The exhibition present these perspectives through different forms of art. The young artists have created their own visions of the Finland of the future.  Welcome to 2067!

The Bank of Finland Museum’s main exhibition of 2017 looks boldly into the future. The highly gifted students of Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts and Vaskivuori Upper Secondary School take us forward to the world 50 years from now. 

High quality and perceptive drawings, sculptures, video works and animations from the students of the School of Visual Arts tell, each in their own way, how our world will develop. 

The students of the music-oriented Vaskivuori Upper Secondary School, on the other hand, have composed and directed music videos, whose images of the world create a multi-dimensional view of the future. In a play based on improvisation, the students fully immerse their personalities into their vision.

The exhibition ran from 24 January to 21 January 2018.

Suvi Reponen: Kyllä raha rahan löytää

Suvi Reponen
Money attracts money