Bank of Finland museum opens to public on 15 September 2020

Welcome once again to the Bank of Finland Museum! We will open the museum to the public on Tuesday, 15 September 2020. The museum will be open Tuesday–Friday 11 am–5 pm and at weekends 11 am–4 pm. Due to the coronavirus situation, however, we are limiting the number of visitors: there can be a maximum of 20 people in the museum at the same time.

The group size and the number of guided tours are also limited: a maximum of two guided tours will be held per day, with a maximum of 12 people on each tour.

In our museum, we pay special attention to the safety and cleanliness of our premises. We disinfect touchable surfaces daily. To use touch screens, you may request a touch screen pen from the café. In our museum, hand disinfectant is available throughout the premises.

Please, only come to the museum if you’re healthy! Postpone your visit to the museum to another time if you have flu symptoms. Remember to observe safety distances and do not form groups. Cough only into your handkerchief or sleeve. Maintain good hand hygiene. You can wash your hands in the museum’s toilets, which are in the lobby, right next to the outside door.

The Bank of Finland Museum follows Bank of Finland and central government guidelines.