Banknotes and banknote art

The numismatic section gives a broad overview to banknotes and coins used during the Bank of Finland’s history. The section begins with the first banknotes issued by the Bank and ends with the introduction of the euro notes and coins.

In the numismatic section, the focus is on banknotes as a form of art. The most significant artists who have designed the banknotes are presented in their own display units along with information on their other works of art. Magnified images of notes and coins provide a glimpse of how graphical arts have developed from the 1860s to present.


The last markka-denominated banknote series was designed by Erik Bruun and Torsten Ekström. The Museum has a collection of Bruun’s draft designs for banknotes.


Tapio Wirkkala designed the markka banknotes introduced in 1955 and 1956 featuring portraits of heads of state.


Eliel Saarinen’s neo classical banknotes from 1922 are some of the most beautiful markka-denominated banknotes.


Tapio Wirkkala’s drafts for the 1955 banknote series.